three words for the new year

three words for the new year

I loved the shapes of the stones on Brighton Beach where I was seeking the first sunrise this year.

We experience hardships again and again in our lives like the ocean waves. We become rounded and beautifully shaped after going through so many of them. We need to remember that we are resilient and adaptable beings. Never give up, keep going and find joys in even a small and simple things you encounter in your life journey.

As you probably know, Japan had a tragic start to the year with a powerful earthquake in the Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture.

The earthquake has shattered the region and relief efforts have been significantly difficult due to damaged roads and severe winter weather.

I am hopeful that wherever you are, whatever the situations you are experiencing, we will face a brighter future just like spring always follows winter.

I have chosen three words for this year for me. They are Hope, Resilience, and Courage.

HOPE: Never lose hope. Anything is possible and hope is the energy generator to help us keep going.

RESILIENCE: We are resilient beings. Whatever the situations we are in, we have the power to recover from difficult conditions.

COURAGE: We have the ability to do anything that frightens. As a consequences, we grow and can create something greater.

What are the words for the year for you?