life 人生

life 人生

Life, in Japanese, the word is Jinsei 人生, of which the translation of the 生 is ‘one’s life’. This new collection is about this journey to our personal sense of aliveness.



We have abundance – possibility lies in all things, starting within ourselves, which manifests through gestures small and large, in our daily lives.



We have passage – the literal movement towards people and experiences that irrevocably change our lives through serendipity and chance.



We have wisdom – the act of surrendering to that which we do not know, which unlocks the journey within, bringing us closer to our innate knowledge and self-understanding.

The collection design itself emanates from my brush strokes of watercolour – subtle texture and movement brings uniqueness to each design. Cotton chiffon was chosen to create this collection. It’s easier to care for than silk but shares the same stunning transparent quality.

The life collection is here to inspire each of us to live, fully and completely.