FUROSHIKI: and the Japanese art of gift wrapping 

Perfect the gift of giving. The only modern, practical guide to the ancient art of Japanese gift wrapping. Discover how to use Furoshiki - beautiful, reusable wrapping cloth, to make gift-giving extra special and joyful, and kinder to the planet too.

In Japan, gift-giving is an important cultural ritual, and the presentation is just as important as the gift itself. Learn 30 exquisite yet easy wrapping styles, involving knotted or intricately folded Furoshiki cloth, to wrap bottles, bouquets of flowers and other presents. You can also use Furoshiki to wrap and carry all sorts of everyday items.

With no cutting, sticking or waste, give thoughtful, beautiful gifts and say goodbye to single-use wrapping paper, bags and packaging for good.

The book is published by Laurence King

Available internationally on Amazon, Daunt Books, H&M home, Book Depositry, Waterstones, and Bookshop in the UK and AmazonSeattle Art Museum, East Bay Book Sellers, Literati Bookstore, Eight Cousins Inc and Barnes & Noble in the US. 


book reviews:

"Not just a book but a way of living."

- Millie

"Gift wrapping has never been more enjoyable and sustainable."

- Katarzyna Browiecka

"Japanese aesthetics combined in a journey of wrapping and environmental consciousness."


"A brilliant option for sustainable, thoughtful and beautiful gift wrap."

- SMW 

"This is a beautiful and stylistic book that infuses the concept of Furoshiki with Japanese elegance."

- cwolfe