hinode 日の出 sunrise | cotton chiffon Furoshiki wrapping cloth | blue


The Sunrise Collection celebrates the beautiful colours of the sky during twilight, which only occurs for a short period of time.

This design symbolises our transition from the dark period to the crepuscule of life.

No digital modification has been applied to these truly beautiful colour palettes as I wanted to capture the genuine essence of the moment and transfer it into Furoshiki. My twilight images were taken in Primrose Hill, London, UK.

Whenever we have a grey or rainy day, it’s during wintertime or you just feel that you need some good energy, let the Sunrise Collection bring the positive force into your life and the person you are gifting to.

Cotton chiffon was chosen to create this collection. It’s more durable than silk but shares the same stunning transparent quality. To add depth in colour, you could layer up using different coloured fabrics.

  • designed and made in UK
  • free shipping for UK orders
  • size: 71 x 71 cm
  • material: 100% cotton chiffon
  • care: hand wash or machine wash as a delicate in cold water or wash separately with natural detergent without bleach nor fabric softeners
  • wash only when it becomes dirty
  • the product comes with reusable sustainable packaging