jinsei 人生 life | cotton chiffon Furoshiki wrapping cloth

What makes us come alive, the act of living, the feeling of being alive: all of these deep connective phrases form the literal, and symbolic heart of the  Life Collection. In Japanese, the word is Jinsei, and in kanji, 人生, of which the precise translation of the latter is 'one's life'. This new collection is about this journey to our personal sense of aliveness.

The collection design itself emanates from Tomoko's brush strokes of watercolour - subtle texture and movement bring uniqueness to each design. Cotton chiffon was chosen to create this collection. It’s easier to care for than silk but shares the same stunning transparent quality.

There is a deliberate naturalistic simplicity: blue represents the expanse of the ocean, white represents the air and green,  the vitality of the earth itself.

The Life collection is here to inspire each of us to live, fully and completely.