otsukimi お月見 moon viewing | cotton chiffon Furoshiki | green


This design depicts a full moon with Japanese pampas grass.

The Japanese celebrate the harvest and marvel at the passing of the seasons. This festival is called Otsukimi お月見 moon viewing.

The beauty of the autumn full moon is admired with displays of seasonal produces as offerings to the moon, decorations made from Susuki すすき, Japanese pampas grass and eating Tsukimi Dango 月見団子 rice dumplings.

The Japanese moon god is called Tsukuyomi in Shinto. Tsukuyomi embodies all of the positive things of the dark sky – spirituality, dreams and energy balance. The moon is a positive force in Japanese beliefs.

Cotton chiffon was chosen to create this collection. It’s more durable than silk, but shares the same stunning transparent quality. To add depth in colour, you could layer up using different coloured fabrics.

  • designed and made in UK
  • size: 71 x 71 cm
  • material: 100% cotton chiffon
  • care: hand wash or machine wash as a delicate in cold water or wash separately with natural detergent without bleach nor fabric softeners
  • wash only when it becomes dirty
  • the product comes with reusable sustainable packaging