tsutsumi 包 wrap | cotton Furoshiki Japanese wrapping cloth | lush


Tsutsumi is a Furoshiki wrapping cloth which is handcrafted in Japan by skilled craftsman using a traditional hand-printed method called 'Yuzenzome'. Each colour needs one dyeing block. The artisanal colours are achieved by mixing the dyes by hand.

Inspired by the colours of the forest in summer, Lush radiates vibrance and new growth. 

This is a versatile handmade item that has hundreds of different uses, there are no limits for what it can be used for. Here are just a few ideas:

  • wrapping gifts
  • reusable bag
  • scarf
  • headband
  • face cover
  • wrapping sundries/clothes to organise your suitcase, bag or wardrobe

For ease of wrapping and reusing, lightweight yet durable cotton was chosen to create Tsutsumi.

  • handmade in Japan
  • free shipping for UK orders
  • size: 70 x 64 cm
  • material: 100% cotton
  • care: hand wash or machine wash as a delicate in cold water or wash separately with natural detergent without bleach nor fabric softeners
  • wash only when it becomes dirty
  • the product comes with  reusable sustainable packaging

You will notice that your Tsutsumi will arrive with a minimal package without any plastic in order to reduce unnecessary waste.

There is no care instruction sewed to Tsutsumi. A card with care instructions will be included so that you can keep it with your Tsutsumi in beautiful Japanese paper.