sustainable packaging

no waste packaging

I cannot emphasise enough how much thought, care and attention to detail goes into every item we make including packaging.

Sustainable packaging is a key principle of the business. I wanted the products and packaging to be functional and aesthetic so that the customer can enjoy using them for a long time without creating wastes.

There is no plastic used in the package design.

Furoshiki comes with a Japanese paper wrap, held together with a paper band.

I encourage customers to keep the Furoshiki folded, wrapped with the paper and stored in a drawer when not using it. We store precious and delicate kimonos in this way so that they stay in good condition for a long time.

The biodegradable brown envelope can be re-used for another mailing.

There is no care instruction sewed to Tsutsumi. A card with care instructions will be included so that you can keep it with your beautiful Tsutsumi wrapped in Japanese paper.