jinsei 人生 life | cotton chiffon Furoshiki wrapping cloth | passage 路


What makes us come alive, the act of living, the feeling of being alive: all of these deep connective phrases form the literal, and symbolic heart of the Life Collection. This new collection is about this journey to our personal sense of aliveness and is here to inspire each of us to live, fully and completely.

The collection design itself emanates from Tomoko's brush strokes of watercolour - subtle texture and movement bring uniqueness to each design. Cotton chiffon was chosen to create this collection. It's easier to care for than silk but shares the same stunning transparent quality.

  • designed and made in UK
  • size: 71 x 71 cm
  • material: 100% cotton chiffon
  • care: hand wash or machine wash as a delicate in cold water or wash      separately with natural detergent without bleach or fabric softeners
  • wash only when it becomes dirty


We meet so many people in our lives. Some people might change our life, others connect for a moment, and continue on their own journey. We never know when and how we will meet these people. This is the theme of this Furoshiki.

Orchids are one of the most diverse and numerous plant species, which represents the idea of allowing into our lives rich and diverse people and relationships.

The design of this Furoshiki speaks to this interconnectedness - the paint blurs and spreads organically, letting go of the outcome, creates something beautiful. This applies to life too, how we meet people in our lives, interact, connect and influence each other with often beautiful outcomes.

For this furoshiki wrapping, an orchid was chosen, as featured in Tomoko's book, Furoshiki by Tomoko Kakita.