world of Furoshiki | isa monyo 伊砂文様 | musubi 結び knot | reversible Furoshiki purple/green


This series of special designs have been made to be reversible. The two sides have the same pattern but in different colours.

Made from durable textured cotton fabric, this item is suitable for carrying heavy items and can be washed in a washing machine.

The inspiration of Isa Monyo 伊砂文様 patterns come from nature and landscapes. A number of patterns and designs have been recreated since the 1920s from an archive.

This pattern is created with the image of a knot. The motif represents creating a connection with people through the beautiful Furoshiki culture of gift-giving.

  • handmade in Japan
  • size: 104 x 104 cm
  • weight: 189 g
  • material: 100% cotton
  • care: hand wash or machine wash as a delicate in cold water or wash separately with natural detergent without bleach nor fabric softeners
  • wash only when it becomes dirty
  • the product comes with reusable sustainable packaging

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