how my brand started

how my brand started

I want to share with you a story of how my brand started.

I lost one of my sisters in 2006.

She was a joyful, energetic, and beautiful Japanese landscape designer, who loved nature and wanted to plant as many trees as possible in her lifetime.

It was my sisters dream and nature that inspired me to create Tsutsumi.

I wanted to design a product that would inspire people to act responsibly towards the environment - and to encourage them to reconnect with nature.

This is my way of continuing my sisters mission.

When I was going through a difficult time in my life, I started visiting a heath near to where I live. One sunny day, I was lying on the grass and I gazed up at the sky. It was such a beautiful day and I felt grounded. I was thinking about my sister who sadly passed away in 2006 - she would have enjoyed the moment if she were there with me. I was also full of appreciation for Mother Earth; she gives us so much, even though we keep taking from her. I wanted to give something back to her. That was the moment when Tsutsumi was born.

My dad took this picture on New Years Day. In this picture, I am eight and my sisters are just three years old.

I miss my sister so much. 

She is always in my heart, smiling. She often comes up in my mind whenever I feel in harmony with nature, calm and grounded.

I am now starting a Tsutsumi revolution to spread the Japanese Furoshiki culture to the world and to reiterate – my intent is to reduce waste created by single-use wrapping paper and plastic bags, whilst keeping gifting beautiful.

I’d be happy if you could support me by spreading the word about the Tsutsumi revolution to your friends and families!

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