resolution for the new year


This picture was my wish to see on the New Year’s day morning, but it wasn’t like this…

This amazingly beautiful sunrise was from the morning of Christmas Day last year 2019. When we have dark mornings like today, (in London, U.K.) I imagine the sunrise like this every morning.

Many of us went through a difficult time last year. My inner work continues this year and for life.

Here are 3 As, 3 Rs and 3 Cs that I want to remind myself to create harmony and meaning in my life. And I thought I would share with you.

3 As:

▪️ APPRECIATION: start a day with appreciation and end a day with appreciation.

▪️ ALIVENESS: focus on doing things that make me feel alive and joyous.

▪️ ABUNDANCE: instead of being in scarcity mind, practice to recognise how much we already have. Opportunities are around us if we choose to see them.

3 Rs:

▪️ REDUCE: reduce waste as much as possible. Especially plastic waste.

▪️ REUSE: reuse things multiple times until they break or are impossible to repair.

▪️ RESPECT: appreciate what you have and use them with care.

3 Cs:

▪️ COMPASSION: support each other and practice a daily act of kindness.

▪️ CONNECTION: connect with people and grow a greater community.

▪️ COMMITMENT: commit to self-care, care for the others and care for the mother earth.


New Year is a great opportunity to create new habits.

I am shifting towards a minimalist way of living to focus on reducing the waste I create from everyday life and making choices to purchase sustainable products.

I hope that my brand and Furoshiki culture could bring inspirations and joy to many people.

Let’s stay hopeful, be creative and have a brighter year!